Initial-Original Charms

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Charms are sold separately from chains! 

The best-selling initial charm necklaces in lower case font were my first fully realized jewelry design and still continue to be a customer favorite. 

Charm is glazed on both sides for strength and durability; with the initial impressed and gilded with 22k gold luster. Each charm measures about half an inch and jump rings are 14/20 gold filled. Each pendant will vary somewhat in color and finish as each are handmade.

Charms sold separately from chains! 

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Size: 1/2" W X 1mm thick

Care: Made of high fire ceramic stoneware and glazed with high fire glaze, then a low fire gold luster overglaze in 22K. 

Chains are gold filled and come in 16, 18, 20"

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 We recommend hand washing as gold is a soft precious metal and harsh dishwashing soaps can scratch it over time.

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